PERS Sales Toolkit

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Providing social care & emergency response services

Best Buy Health partners with major Medicare Advantage and Medicaid healthcare plans to offer remote patient monitoring (RPM), personal emergency response service (PERS) devices, and social care services.

This comprehensive approach spans across the spectrum, addressing social determinants of health. The aim is to provide personalized, around-the-clock support, getting to know each member individually and bridging gaps in the continuum of care.


Educate your members about the value and benefits of PERS.

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Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

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How Technology Can Help People Age in Place

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Broker-Agent New Member Service Form

An infographic of PERS benefits.


Social Care Benefits

Triage and support services that members can access.

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Sales Card

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) Overview

Quick reference of the value and benefits provided by Best Buy Health PERS.