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Why Best Buy Health?

We're bringing the power of retail to healthcare

We know consumers, we know technology, and we know in-home services. By bringing our expertise to healthcare, we can help make home the center of health. We’re building an ecosystem of technology and services designed for at-home care, and our foundation is Best Buy’s retail power.

We simplify the complex world of healthcare for our customers

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Technology Ecosystem

Whether in store or online, consumers have access to a wide array of health and wellness technology, plus trained technology experts to help design a solution that’s right for them.

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Geek Squad

Our trusted and specifically trained Geek Squad Agents provide expert in-home services and support to people across the country to get their health tech up and running right.

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Total Accessibility

We’re everywhere. With our national retail presence and world-class supply chain, we ensure consumers have the technology and hands-on support they need, when they need it.

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Human Connection

Receive human support — not just tech support — thanks to over a thousand compassionate care agents across the country, each ready to provide connections to compassionate emergency and social care services.

We provide support across a continuum of care

Meet Abigail

Abigail is 72 years-old, recently diagnosed with a chronic condition, and lives alone at home. She is one of many individuals who we support along their journey as they age well, get well, and stay well.

A woman dressed in a white shirt and hat, talks on the phone and smiles in her garden while wearing a Personal Emergency Response pendant.

Aging at Home

We enable independence, connection, and support for social determinants of health.

Abigail discovers that services from Best Buy Health are a covered benefit of her Health Plan. She receives a Lively PERS device at no cost – and by simply pressing a button – quickly connects with a Social Care advisor who coordinates rides to her appointments and provides support when she has questions about her medical bills.

While on a walk, Abigail feels light-headed and has difficulty breathing. She presses her button and connects with Urgent Response within seconds. The Best Buy Health team discharges emergency services, and notifies Abigail’s daughter of the situation so that she can meet her mom at the hospital.

A Geek Squad agent shows a customer a device that tests for continuous vital signs in her home.

Care at Home

A seamless transition to personalized in-home care is possible.

Abigail receives care in the ER, but is able to go home from the hospital early with Current Health technology from Best Buy Health and 24/7 virtual nurse oversight.

Abigail’s daughter drives her home, where the Geek Squad has arrived to make the transition home smooth and worry-free. They help set up equipment and ensure Abigail and her daughter know how to use everything. With real-time data from remote patient monitoring devices, symptom surveys, and virtual visits available on the Current Health platform, Abigail’s care team gains a comprehensive view of her condition. They make adjustments to her care plan until she is stabilized, all through the Current Health platform.

A woman watches a Best Buy agent on her computer next to her Lively phone.

Wellness at Home

Proactive health management put in motion.

When she has recovered, Abigail is discharged from the Care At Home program and a Geek Squad Agent returns to collect the Current Health kit. Abigail’s provider recommends that she take a brief walk every day and asks her to consider additional tech that will help her monitor her condition, proactively. Abigail visits Bestbuy.com and with the help of a virtual visit with a Blue Shirt expert, she purchases a new FitBit to help meet her daily step goals, as well as a blood pressure cuff to monitor changes in her vitals.

Enriching and saving lives through technology and meaningful connections

Better Access

We support a healthy lifestyle by making it easier to buy, install, connect, and use health tech.

Improved Outcomes

We help you address health concerns, so individuals can take control of their health.

Optimal Cost

When you can better monitor and manage health at home, care comes at a lower price point.

Partnering with healthcare organizations across the industry

Let's do this together.

Helping people stay healthy is challenging. We’re here to help.