Care at Home

Connecting patients with providers to make home the center of care

An smiling elderly man wears a Current Health Continuous Vital Sign Monitor on his arm, while  looking at his tablet.

Design new patient-centric care models

We provide tech-enabled solutions that allow healthcare organizations to deliver care outside their walls and help people inside their own homes — whether they manage chronic conditions or require hospital-level care.

Our Current Health platform

Current Health offers an enterprise technology platform for organizations to monitor and manage patients at home across a range of clinical conditions and acuity-levels

An elderly woman wraps a Current Health Continuous Vital Sign Monitor around her arm to measure her vital signs.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Gain insight into health at home through a wide range of biometric monitors and wearable devices, each tailored to the patient’s unique clinical needs. 

An elderly person waves to his doctor during a tele-appointment.

Telehealth and Patient Engagement

Connect with patients remotely via video calls and messaging. Daily reminders and education are just a few of the ways we help you engage more people, so they adhere to their care plans.

Two female doctors look at a computer screen.

Clinical Dashboard and Alarming

Manage large numbers of patients at home more easily, thanks to a clinical dashboard with personalized alarms that identify a particular patient when support is needed.

A doctor types on the computer keyboard.

EHR Integration

Streamline clinical workflows using bidirectional integration with your EHR, enabling enrollment, management, and billing, all from a single system.

We fill gaps in service to help organizations scale

An elderly man picks up a package at his front door.

Geek Squad and Logistics Management

We offer flexible service that ensures timely access to care.

Thanks to Best Buy’s reliable supply chain and logistics, we’re able to pick up, drop off, and process patient kits, letting providers stay focused on clinical care. Plus, Geek Squad can provide in-home setup and training, so patients understand how to use their medical technology and are more likely to adhere to their care plans.

A customer service agent talks through his headset and gazes at the computer.

24/7 Clinical and Technical Support

We're close by with call lines that stay open all day and night.

Our Clinical Command Center provides 24/7 nurse monitoring and triage to supplement clinical teams, and our 24/7 technical support line is available to providers and patients to ensure their technology is up and running when they need it.

Three medical professionals smile and work together at a table.

Professional Services

Whether your healthcare organization is big or small, we've got you covered.

We’ve implemented care-at-home solutions across 50 of the world’s leading healthcare organizations. Whether you’re designing a program from scratch, or scaling an existing program across medical conditions, our consultants have the first-hand provider experience to help you overcome issues like patient identification, workflow design, staffing, and more.

High-quality, patient-centric care at a lower cost


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Benefits of care at home

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