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We offer personalized services that can improve your member’s quality of life and help reduce the cost and complexity of healthcare, helping Health Plans attract and retain members.

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Our social care and support services are delivered to meet real-time member needs with human engagement, connection, and compassion.

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Social Care

Our U.S.-based advisors provide critical support for social determinants of health.

Advisors support a spectrum of needs, referring members to community resources to combat loneliness, provide transportation coordination, utility assistance, grocery delivery, financial assistance, and more.

Our experienced and degreed Advisors leverage protocols focused on social determinants of health to identify real-time needs and drive positive member outcomes. There’s no incentive to keep call times low; they take the time to ensure members’ needs are addressed.

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Urgent Response

The Urgent Response team is available 24/7 to respond to, assess, and address emergencies of any kind.

Our advisors are certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch and adhere to the same protocols as 911 responders. Each advisor uses our database of critical member-provided information, such as allergies or instructions for home access, to facilitate a faster, more personalized response.

We encourage members to contact Urgent Response for any reason. Once advisors assess each situation, they can either contact emergency personnel, connect callers to a nurse for assistance, or reach out to a friend or family member to facilitate on-going support for the member.

An elderly woman and her daughter stand outside and beam at each other.

Caregiving Connection

Our services-integrated tech allow caregivers to stay informed about status and activities of their loved ones.

A caregiving app provides critical information about activity and location, giving loved ones peace of mind while helping maintain member independence.

Caregivers receive emergency alerts and notifications for location and changes in activity so that they know when assistance may be needed. With additional features like device status and low battery life, caregivers can help maintain the health of the device as well as reinforce utilization and safety.

A Geek Squad agent assists an elderly customer with an HP computer in his home.

Geek Squad and Logistics

We provide flexible logistics and installation services to make setup and utilization easy for your members.

More than 1,000 Geek Squad Agents have delivered and installed our personal emergency response system (PERS) devices into homes nationwide. We also provide members with the additional option and convenience of virtual support. To date, our team has performed nearly 40,000 in-home service/support interactions and nearly 90,000 virtual support interactions.

Every member of the Geek Squad team has received proprietary senior sensitivity training in order to deliver a supportive experience with the empathy and care your members deserve.

Our technology portfolio

With a comprehensive portfolio of wellness technology, we help make healthcare more accessible for members, increase engagement, reinforce positive outcomes, and reduce emergencies.

A Lively Mobile Plus pendant.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

Our cellular units have GPS location tracking that works anywhere, plus a fall detection algorithm specific to seniors.

A Lively smart phone next to a Lively flip phone.

Jitterbug Phones

Available as a smart phone or flip phone, this simplified design is easy to set up, connect, and use. It includes an embedded Urgent Response button that contacts trained agents in seconds.

An Alexa Echo Dot.

Alexa Devices

With a first-party Alexa Skill, members have hands-free access to our Caring Center. Our solutions also easily connect to existing Alexa devices for whole-home accessibility.

A mobile phone showing the Link App homepage.

Caregiver Link App

Caregivers can receive timely emergency alerts, see changes in activity, and retrieve the location and status of a member’s device all on one app.

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